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TruePlay Short Game Putting Green Kits

The TruePlay Short Game Putting Green Kit makes it easy to build your own incredibly accurate back yard synthetic putting green. TruePlay's revolutionary design allows our green to take chip, pitch and even approach shots, and putt very precisely.

Ease of construction, durability and low maintenance are the hallmarks of our synthetic putting green kits. And it looks great in the back yard, too. Do it yourself and SAVE!

How Our Short Game Green Works

Short Game Putting Green sectional view, click for a larger image

Our synthetic short game putting green is sand BASED, not sand filled. The impact force of approach shots is absorbed by the powercell and its sand filling underneath the nylon putting surface, so the green is able to hold the shot
and still putt sure and true

Our Short Game Putting Green Kits Include:
Exclusive powercell base system
Select long-lasting nylon putting surface
Special edging material and retaining stakes
Black & green top dressing to adjust green speed
Optional Cordura seaming material and strong adhesive for any green that requires more than 1 piece of turf
Cups, cup assemblies, pins and optional flags as needed 

Material You Need To Get Locally:
10 pounds per square foot of locally acquired bulk sand to fill the powercell base. Not used on putting surface.

Tools You Need On Hand:
Garden rake
Stiff shop broom
Utility knife and extra blades
Water-filled lawn roller (get from local rental shop)
Handheld plate tamper (get from local rental shop)

How To Order:
The size of the green is measured by the rectangle of turf needed to produce a given design. For instance, a 15' 30' putting green equals 450 square feet.  Enough components (powercell, edging, cup assemblies, top dressing, etc.) are included in the kit to build out the entire rectangle. All TruePlay short game putting green turf is 15' wide by virtually any length.

TruePlay Short Game Putting Green Kits include 1 cup and cup assembly for each 100 square feet of turf, and enough black and green top dressing to make the green register about a 9 on the stimpmeter. To increase speed, add approximately 1/2-pound of our top dressing per square foot to gain 1 point on the stimpmeter rating. 

TruePlay Putting Green Kits By Size:

Any size sq ft  $6.50 per sq ft

Prices do not include shipping/handling, applicable sales/use taxes, or the approximately 10 pounds per square foot of bulk sand needed to fill the powercell base. Bulk sand is best obtained locally to save freight. 

At ten pounds per square foot, a 1000 sq. ft. green will require approx 10,000 pounds (5 tons) of base sand, which about $20-$40 per ton, depending on your local prices.

Our indoor synthetic putting green turf uses available floor space or a base system you construct of wood or marine-grade foam core. No sand is used. Available with integrated shock pad. Please contact us for more information.

* Prices do not include shipping/handling or applicable taxes.





Exclusive Powercell material is the putting green base Powercell base material



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