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New Outdoor Basketball Court, Tennis Court and Multi-Game Court Ideas

Below are a sampling of our most popular outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts, and multi-sport modular game court kits.

The modular sports surface offers many benefits. Those benefits include safety, performance, appearance, fast drying, ease of installation, and, if necessary, repair. 

TruePlay Sports outdoor game court kits feature our Premier 3/4-inch tall suspended surface court tiles ready for easy installation. 

You can install the TruePlay Premier suspended sports surface over an existing concrete or asphalt court -- giving it a new lease on life. You may also install our Premier game court tiles over a new asphalt pad or concrete slab. 

Either way, TruePlay outdoor game courts are easy to install and offer significant savings for quality products. Whether you choose one of our most popular court sizes or customize the size of your court to best fit the available space at your home, TruePlay sports products are designed to provide you with quality performance and durability at excellent prices. 

Don't want to do it all by yourself? We can lend a hand, as much or as little as you need. Installation and/or project management assistance is available through our network of trained court installation professionals. Please visit our contact page and use the email link, or fill out the handy web form. The TruePlay team will get right back to you to provide whatever level of support you determine is appropriate.

TruePlay's 12-inch outdoor basketball, tennis, or multi-sport game court tiles are available in thirteen standard colors (left), so you can create the backyard court layout and color combination any way you like. Be sure to specify your court tile colors when ordering. 

You can also add optional 2" x 12" 3/4" inlaid line tiles and/or perimeter ramp edging, available in all standard colors, allowing you to create a unique backyard basketball court or a multi-sport game court. 

TruePlay Sports offers promotional discounts for gamecourt  kits throught the year. Please contact us for a complete all-inclusive delivered price, which includes:

We can PAINT LINES on your court kit prior to shipping!
Three-point arcs, volleyball, pickleball, badminton markings, and more! You get easy step-by-step customized install instructions shipped with your custom-made court kit.

To get YOUR personalized court kit quote promptly:

- Tell us the size of your court
- Indicate needed painted court markings per sport/activity
- Provide a delivery zip code
- Your preferred e-mail address and/or telephone number
for order communication/confirmation

Sample Outdoor Basketball Courts:

20' 35' Basketball Court Kit 
Our very popular starter basketball court kit will fit just about anywhere in the back yard, and within your budget. It's easy to snap it together yourself and easy to extend and expand later with more play area and accessories. Start the kids off right with a TruePlay Sports suspended surface outdoor basketball court.  

25' 40' Basketball Court Kit
ust a little larger than our popular starter basketball court, this package offers a little more room for more spirited play.

30' 50' Basketball Court Kit
Truly competitive play starts with this size basketball court. This outdoor court package offers a regulation basketball court width and is deep enough for 3-on-3 half court games.

45' 70' Basketball Court Kit
This one has room to run! Get nearly the official basketball court width and enough room on the court for a full court press between the two (optional) hoops.

TruePlay Modular Outdoor Tennis Courts

These full size tennis court kits are each composed entirely of TruePlay's Premier suspended surface tiles.

International Tennis Foundation officially recomended minimum court dimensions

Tennis Court - ITF Recommended minimum tennis court dimensions measures 114' x 56'.

United States Tennis Association official tennis court dimensions

Tennis Court - USTA Recommended minimum tennis court dimensions are 120' x 60'.

Stadium style tennis court has extra apron space

Stadium style court has extra room, measures 132' x 66'.

TruePlay Multi-Game Outdoor Court Kits:

  30' 60' Game Court 
Unplug the video games and go outside and play. This multi-game court kit gives you the opportunity to play many different sports (basketball, paddle tennis, volleyball, badminton, etc.) all on one court. It's only slightly larger than our 30' 50' outdoor dedicated basketball court. It's the most fun for the whole family in the least amount of space!

      35' 70' Game Court 
Just a little larger than our 30' 60' game court, this package offers a little more room, and more room means more FUN.

60' x 120' Multi-sport modular game court is regulation size for tennis
60' 120' Regulation Tennis Court / Game Court 
This is our regulation size D-I-Y tennis court kit. Add markings and court components to play any games you wish. Truly a family fun and fitness center! The neighbors will enjoy it too!  



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Standard color chart for TruePlay Premier outdoor game court tiles


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