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TruePlay game court components make an ordinary driveway, or game court, a great place for family entertainment. Individually add on court components to get the recreation features you want - in any combination. 

All TruePlay game court components are made in USA of high grade powder coated steel with the same black finish found on our basketball goal systems.

TruePlay Ball Containment Systems
Surround your game court or driveway court with a TruePlay "soft fence" ball containment system. You'll spend more time gaming and less time chasing after a loose ball. Highly recommended, especially if your driveway/court is located near a down-slope. 

Durable powder coated black steel framing and heavy duty black netting help the unobtrusive TruePlay ball containment system easily blend into the background.

TruePlay ball containment systems are available in 10-foot sections in your choice of either 5-ft. or 10-ft. section heights. Create shorter length sections on-site from the standard 10-ft long section. 


TruePlay Ball Containment Systems
5-ft tall ball containment $265 per 10' long section
10-ft tall ball containment $335 per 10' long section

TruePlay Height Adjustable Net
A TruePlay height adjustable net system is the perfect game court addition. Use our versatile net adjustment system for any game played over a net. Place it at the low position for tennis or paddle tennis. Easily raise the net to regulation heights for badminton or volleyball, or anywhere in between. 

Our height adjustable net is a practical addition because you only need one net to play many different games! And it's a better system than many competing products due to our simpler design.

You will need 2 support poles, one for each end of the net. Depending on the layout of your court, the net adjustment system (NAS) can be mounted on either a light pole or a net post. The other end of the net may attach to a light pole, net post or basketball goal, as available.


TruePlay Nets, Net Poles
and Net Adjustment System
  Net Post (ea.)   $220
  Net Adjustment System (NAS)   $250
  22' 0" Multi-sport Net   $141
  24' 6" Multi-sport Net   $150
  30' 6" Multi-sport Net   $175
  42' 6" Multi-sport Net   $200

TruePlay Sports Outdoor Court Lighting Systems
TruePlay court lighting systems deliver bright, even light onto your outdoor basketball court or tennis court and extend play time into the evening hours. Each pole can have up to three weather-tight 1500w quartz halogen lamp fixtures. Depending on the size of your court, we recommend  two (or more) poles, each with a multi-lamp system, to reduce shadows on the court area. 

Our court lighting systems are simple and easy to install since they share the same universal anchor hardware used on our rugged basketball hoops. That means our sports lighting systems are extremely sturdy, and you can take them with you if you move.

Our light poles are 18-ft. high. The base is hinged to lower the light pole for easy bulb replacement. An economy pole without the hinged base is also available.

Replacement bulbs are available from TruePlay or at major building supply or electric shops and typically last for about 3,000 hours of use.

TruePlay Hinge-base Lighting Systems

Light system with 1 1500w fixture $1100    
Light system with 2 1500w fixtures $1200    
Light system with 3 1500w fixtures $1300    
Replacement bulb $15     

TruePlay Economy Lighting Systems

Light system with 1 1500w fixture $975    
Light system with 2 1500w fixtures $1075    
Light system with 3 1500w fixtures $1175    

TruePlay Hoops and Goals
Add our top quality fixed height or adjustable basketball hoops to your driveway or multi-sport court for superior hoops action. Our basketball goals have heavy gauge steel poles supporting 1/2-inch thick clear tempered glass backboards. You get accurate, consistent rebound characteristics across the whole backboard, without needing reinforcement bars found on some other acrylic backboards.

* Prices do not include shipping/handling or applicable taxes.



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