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TruePlay Rubber Fitness Flooring Mats
Excellent for use under heavy workout equipment such as treadmills, stationary bikes, rowers and steppers. They shield the floor from damage while protecting machines from vibrations and carpet fibers. 

TruePlay rubber fitness flooring is made in the USA from post-consumer recycled rubber, and is re-vulcanized during the manufacturing process. Because it isn't just pressed and glued together, it will withstand a great deal of punishment and will not cold flow (change its shape under pressure). All of our rubber flooring is: 

Easy to install (no adhesive required) 
Resistant to bacterial growth 
Easy to keep clean 
Intended to be a loose lay product 
Non-skid diamond surface on top 

Standard size 4' 6' TruePlay mats are available in five colors (black, blue, green, red and white) and three thicknesses:

Heavy Duty Mats: 3/4" thick 
Our thickest mat -- ideal for the industrial environment where maximum ergonomic protection is required.

Medium Mats: 1/2" thick 
More economically priced -- with all the benefits of our heavy duty mat.

Lightweight Mats: 3/8" thick 
Perfect for retail and office settings to provide soothing support for standing employees.

Installation Tips
All 4' 6' mats are nominal in size. If you are using our mats to create an entire floor, we strongly recommend having the mats "trued" at the factory. This will simplify installation because trimming will not be necessary. If the mats are not "trued," each mat may need trimming to align them side by side for a perfect fit.

Mats are easy to trim using a standard utility knife with a new sharp blade. (A jig saw or reciprocating saw also works well.) A little WD-40 on the knife blade will speed it through the mat with great ease. Additionally, placing the mat over a 24, along the line of the cut, will create an arch that will help the mat pull apart as the knife blade is pulled through.


Please contact us for current pricing.

TruePlay Rubber
Fitness Flooring
is available in
5 standard colors:

TruePlay rubber fitness flooring in Black

TruePlay rubber fitness flooring in Blue

TruePlay rubber fitness flooring in Green

TruePlay rubber fitness flooring in Red

TruePlay rubber fitness flooring in White


Stationary bike

Our rubber mats absorb the punishment of treadmills

TruePlay rubber mats under free weights

Use TruePlay
Fitness Flooring mats
under exercise equipment
such as bikes, treadmills
and weights

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