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Modular Suspended Surface Game Court Tiles 
TruePlay's Premier 12" 12" 3/4" sports flooring tiles are the heart of your high performance game court. They're the perfect surface for basketball courts, tennis courts, or most any other "hard court" game applications. Use indoors or outdoors. 

The unique three-point suspension geometry, coupled with our tile interconnection system, offers players a gentle, precise vertical and horizontal "flex." This action lowers stress on bones and joints in the ankles, knees and back - especially during vigorous play.

All while providing players superior underfoot feel and game performance during hard cuts, fast stops, and even bad landings. 

The open design of TruePlay Premier modular game court tiles allows the surface to instantly shed water, so play can resume shortly after a rainstorm. The 3/4-inch tile height also helps to prevent backsplash of water from under the playing surface.

TruePlay Premier modular game court tiles are easy to install. They literally "snap" together, no tools needed. 

If you need to repair an old asphalt or concrete court, simply patch the cracks of the old surface and cover it with our durable, user friendly modular game court tiles. It's a simple and easy-to-do solution that makes your older court look and play great. And it significantly reduces court repairs and maintenance costs, especially over the long term.

TruePlay Premier sports flooring tiles also provide an attractive non-slip safety surface for patios, porches, and boat docks. 

Premier game court tiles pricing by quantity

1 - 1,500 tiles 

   $3.20 per tile
1,501 - 2,500 tiles     $3.05 per tile
2,501 - 4,000 tiles     $2.80 per tile
4,001 - 7,000 tiles     $2.60 per tile
7,001 - 12, 000 tiles     $2.45 per tile
12,001 plus     call for price


The Premier Accessory Tiles 
TruePlay inlaid 3/4" 2" 12" Premier Line tiles provide a professional finished look that helps your game court installation stand out, and eliminates the need to paint straight line court markings.
Price: $1.65 each in any quantity.

Premier Ramp tiles ease the transition from substrate to court surface and make your game court wheelchair accessible.
Price: $1.65 each in any quantity. 

Buy TruePlay Premier game court tiles in bulk and SAVE.  Pick from twelve standard colors, all ready to ship from our warehouse. Custom colors available on request, requiring a small upcharge and some extra delivery time. Please contact us for a custom color/quantity quote.

Inlaid Line Tile eliminates the need to paint court markings     TruePlay Ramp Tiles make your game court wheelchair accessible

TruePlay Premier Tiles Specifications:


Superior 3-point suspension system design providing an orthopedic, shock absorbing, non-slip game court flooring system.
Made in USA. 


Premier tiles:

12" 12" 0.75"  
(304.8mm 304.8mm 19.05mm)

Premier Ramp tiles:

 2" 12" 0.75"  
(50.8mm 304.8 mm 19.05mm)

Premier Line tiles:

1.75" 12" 0.75"  
(44.45mm 304.8mm 19.05mm)


Premier tiles:

10.93 ounces  (310 grams)

Premier Ramp tiles:

2.15 ounces  (61 grams)

Premier Line tiles:

1.87 ounces  (53 grams)


High density polypropylene co-polymer

3-point suspension geometry on underside of court tile 
This is the underside of a
TruePlay Premier tile
showing the unique 3-point
suspension geometry

* Prices do not include shipping/handling or applicable taxes.



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Standard color chart for TruePlay Premier outdoor game court tiles

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