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TruePlay Hoops offers an exciting array of in-ground basketball goals and related accessories for virtually any homeowner, installer, commercial builder or budget. 

All of our basketball goals are constructed of high strength powder coated steel and feature 1/2-inch thick tempered glass  backboards that need no reinforcement bars. 

With TruePlay Hoops, you get consistent bounce qualities over the entire backboard, with no hot spots or dead areas. TruePlay Hoops play just like indoor gym equipment. And they're built to survive the outdoors.

Choose among TruePlay's rugged, easy-to-crank adjustable basketball goals. TruePlay can arrange custom designed hoops for special applications indoors or outdoors, on request. 

All TruePlay basketball goals install on a common anchor system. If you move, unbolt your goal and take it with you. All you'll need is a replacement anchor at the new location

Each TruePlay basketball goal system ships with appropriate backboard pad.
We also offer (and recommend) our optional pole pad.

TruePlay Hoops model numbers

TruePlay Adjustable Basketball Goals 
Our rock solid adjustable hoops can be set as low as 6 ft. and raised to the regulation 10 ft. height. The easy-to-use smooth hand crank means just about any kid can raise or lower the goal with ease. Our adjustable basketball goal design offers years of fun and fitness for the entire family. 

Model 346A. This is our best adjustable basketball goal. Built tough so it'll be around year after year after year. This hoop offers our large 4' safety overhang, our strongest 6" pole, and our largest 1/2-inch thick cell cast acrylic backboard (42" x 72", the standard size found in most high schools and colleges). It's our MVP of the year - every year! If you want the ultimate adjustable basketball goal, this is your hoop system. 

Model 246A. This adjustable in-ground hoop has the same large 4' safety overhang and extra strong 6" steel pole of the TruePlay model 346A. And it has exactly the same legendary durability. The difference? Model 246A offers a slightly smaller acrylic backboard that measures 1/2" x 40" x 60".

Model 336A. Our most popular adjustable basketball goal system. Features our largest 1/2" x 42" x 72" acrylic backboard and super-strong 6" powder-coated steel pole with 3' safety overhang. Has the same outstanding TruePlay built-in playability and durability. It pays to practice with the official size backboard.

Model 236A. A popular Driveway Court hoop. Super-strong 6" steel pole with 3' safety overhang. Mid-sized 1/2"-thick 40" x 60" cell cast acrylic backboard (not extruded). Looks great, plays great, hangs tough.

TruePlay Adjustable Basketball Goals
Model Number Pole Dimensions Backboard Dimensions Pole to Backboard Adjustment Range TruePlay Price*
346A 6 inch 42 72 4 feet 6' - 10' $2,124.00
246A 6 inch 40 60 4 feet 6' - 10' $1,924.00
336A 6 inch 42 72 3 feet 6' - 10' $1,924.00
236A 6 inch 40 60 3 feet 6' - 10' $1,724.00




TruePlay Hoops Accessories 
Accessories and optional items, such as our highly recommended pole pad for increased player safety (fits all TruePlay basketball goals). Each TruePlay basketball goal system ships with appropriate backboard pad.

TruePlay Hoops Accessories
Model Number Product Description TruePlay Price*
BBPB Pole Pad - fits all TruePlay poles $150.00
BBBP-72 Backboard Pad set for 72" backboard $145.00
BBBP-60 Backboard Pad set for 60" backboard $135.00
BBBP-48 Backboard Pad set for 48" backboard $125.00
Anchor Replacement Anchor System fits all hoops $124.00

*Prices do not include shipping/handling or applicable taxes.



TruePlay Adjustable Basketball Goal - click for larger image
Basketball Goal




This is the official backboard size found in most colleges and high schools
" 42" 72"

Smaller backboard for smaller spaces
" 40" 60"

Perfect for those on a tight budget
" 36" 48"

TruePlay Hoops
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Adjustable Hoops
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