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Innovation is making live grass obsolete! Introducing TruePlay's newest low maintenance infilled artificial turf system. This isn't the same old carpet-style "astroturf." This is soft polyethylene artificial turf that looks very natural. 

The turf is infilled with Synthetic Turf Filler (STF) which is safer and longer lasting than recycled crumb rubber. STF is recyclable, non-flammable, non-toxic and less abrasive than crumb rubber. It is graded and shipped in a uniform size so it never compacts.

Safety aspects are enhanced by installing an impact layer underneath the infilled turf. When installed in combination, the system will meet or exceed safety standards for falls from up to 12 feet! 

The Real Feel
Go ahead. Run on it, jump on it, play on it. Our artificial turf not only looks like real grass, it even feels just like natural turf at its best. Without all the maintenance issues. Yet it's completely safe for children and pets.

From the Arena to the Back Yard
Originally designed for sports arenas - indoor and outdoor football, soccer and baseball facilities - the turf is tough and durable with minimal maintenance requirements. With only slight modifications, it's now a practical and affordable playground safety surface. 

It's also great for "soft" court activities such as croquet or bocce. And it makes a wonderful golf chipping surface

In fact, many folks use our artificial turf for whole lawn replacement, or just to improve those trouble spots where natural grass is difficult to grow.

You can be free of endless lawn maintenance chores: watering, mowing, trimming, weeding, feeding and seeding. And free up your budget: no pesticides, no herbicides, no fertilizers, no water.

Commercial lawnscapes, too
TruePlay's infilled artificial turf is ideal for all sorts of commercial applications too, including shopping centers, parking lot islands, gas & service stations, strip malls, apartments, office parks, day-care playgrounds, and just about anywhere maintaining live turf is cost-prohibitive.

At a glance
100% polyethylene fibers with UV protection
Strong and dimensionally stable backing system,
   perforated for rapid drainage
STF infill - better than crumb rubber
Turf length and infill specific for your application
Consistent play and appearance for the life of the product
A fraction of the maintenance cost of natural grass

Pricing starts as low as $4.00 per square foot. Please contact us with the particular performance requirements of your installation. 

* Prices do not include shipping/handling or applicable taxes.


Artificial turf used for golf chipping stations


Artificial grass for soccer practice area won't wear out like live turf

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